Interview with NukeBuster Shaun Burnie re: SONGS

Just over a year since they last visited Idyllwild to educate us about the crisis at San Onofre’s Nuclear Generating Station, Shaun Burnie and Kendra Ulrich returned to our mountain community for a celebratory respite from their intense schedule of activism. On Friday June 7, SoCal Edison announced that the plant would not be reopened, and both Shaun and Kendra deserve our deepest respect and gratitude for leading such a successful campaign against a potentially catastrophic SONGS restart. Working long hours with barely a day off over the past year, their dedication to a nuclear free future is an inspiration to all of us wrestling with the Big Issues of the day, and the SONGS victory is a much-needed source of hope.

You’ll want to watch this two-minute video interview with Shaun, in which he gives Idyllwild props for our efforts and suggests a strategy for dealing with SCE as we move forward. Specifically, he explains that the utility will attempt to get ratepayers to pay $3.4 billion for the SONGS fiasco, and we should make sure that the California Public Utilities Commission does not allow this to happen. Both Shaun and Kendra recommend The Utility Reform Network, or TURN, as  a great group working on the front lines of this issue.