mind mapping our way to food security

Check out our wild mind map! At our last meeting, we brainstormed on some of the ways we might disentangle our community from the industrial food chain and create a more sustainable, healthy standard of living for all interested Hill residents. I organized the ideas from that Conversation and the one prior, and I created a mind map using a free online collaboration tool. In order to map the ideas, I organized them under the following headings: Production, Distribution, Economics, Education. There may be better ways to organize the ideas, and I welcome your feedback.

Using your mouse you can drag the map around—don’t worry about hurting it, you won’t—and you can explore the ideas we’ve come up with thus far. You may want to note the areas you’re most passionate about; at the next meeting we can discuss whether we want to decide on a single direction to pursue, or break into separate working groups. As you’ll see there’s a lot to explore here.

If you’ve thought of new ideas for the map, comment on them in the section below this post, and I’ll add them before the next meeting.

If you’d like to join me in editing the map, send me an email and I’ll add you as an online collaborator.

You can access the mind map here. Password (if required): idyfood

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “mind mapping our way to food security”

  1. Looks like a garlic bulb!

    Is it possible to set up a separate post for each of the action steps so that we can use comments to gather our collective knowledge of each subject?

    1. I could, but it would be a lot of work creating posts for all those actions, and I can envision a bunch of empty posts with no comments. I suggest that people who want to advocate any specific food-related action post it as a comment on this page. Then others can comment on the suggestions from there.

      What’s your action step(s) do you find most compelling?

      I’m going to recommend that at the next meeting we discuss whether or not people want our Conversations to continue online. And if so, what’s the best medium for this? Mara and I are thinking about Yahoo Groups…

  2. And be sure to comment here with any new ideas you’ve come up with for either a) securing good local food or b) the next meeting’s strategy or c) anything else that’s on your mind…

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