conversation #6—all about food

Are our food supply chains secure? Are they healthy for the planet, for the creatures and for us? If not, what can our community do to improve the situation?

Join us this Wednesday night for our Conversation about food. We will discuss the acclaimed documentary Food, Inc., which can be streamed on Netflix. You may also want to check out the highly rated King Corn, also streaming on Netflix.

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2 thoughts on “conversation #6—all about food”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Firstly, thank you and Conor for continuing this event. Although I cannot attend because of Local Color rehearsals, I always check out what you send. Food is a great topic! I’ve been talking with Anna and others about how cool it would be to somehow get the cows that live in Garner Valley and other parts of this mountain to actually stay on this mountain. It’s crazy that we and all the restaurants and supermarkets buy beef off the hill when they live just down the road. I’m sure that there would be lots of work to have this dream actually come true. For example there’s only certain licensed people who can carve up a beef carcass.

    Anyway, good for you to start the conversation!!

    Thanks so much,


    1. Thanks for your kind feedback, Trish! It’s possible to buy grassfed beef and organic vegetables through local Sage Mountain Farms’ CSA. Supporting local, sustainable agriculture is an important and worthy cause—absolutely critical to our long-term well being.
      A few folks from Local Color have mentioned that they can’t come to the meetings due to rehearsals. I would love to have you all with us and am wondering if we should consider switching the night to, say, Tuesday. Any thoughts on this or how many from the choir you think might attend? Would you consider asking at the next meeting?

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