a movement for our times

For the past week, Zoraborealis and I have witnessed the emergence of the occupation movements in Chicago, New York and Washington, DC. We’ve marched amidst tens of thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, all united in a common goal: to transform our economic and political systems so that they better address the needs of the earth and its inhabitants. The consensus that is taking shape is that we must get corporate money out of politics if we hope to see a democracy by and for the people.

But this is a bottom-up movement. There are no leaders, only facilitators. And while the media and many onlookers find it challenging to grasp this lack of formal structure or explicit demands, the general consensus here on the street is that it suits the majority of occupation participants just fine. Meaningful conversation is occurring, friendships are forming, new strategies are being explored, and this new movement continues to mushroom each day.

Most importantly, there is a powerful feeling of hope and camaraderie in the air. The challenges we all face are enormous and complex, but some very important and constructive new steps have been taken.

We have shot many hours of footage (and will continue to do so over the next few days) of the events we have witnessed, as well as interviews such as this one with Rob and Justine. We hope these videos will convey a more accurate sense of what is happening than you’ll get from the mainstream media. Our time to sit and edit will be limited until we board our train home, so please be patient with us. There is much more to follow.

To locate Occupy events nearest you, visit Occupy Together’s website.

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