11 thoughts on “railing towards wall street”

  1. What a great vidpost! Your doc is well underway and I can’t wait 2 c the finished work. And I’m even more psyched to be on the journey as it unfolds.

    1. Thanks for your past couple of comments Dawn. Yes, cut on a train on a tiny laptop—far from ideal! I’m looking forward to coming home and cutting on a real system, so I can finesse the material a bit more and improve the sound. I have so many interesting interviews to share on this is this. See you soon!

  2. Hello you two. Can’t think of better representatives to capture and reflect on what is building and bubbling up. Responsibility is a good place to start a conversation about basic concepts that we’ve ignored…

    1. Thanks for the comment Catherine. I’m just now finding time to respond to comments now as we make our way back to California. It’s been a remarkable couple of weeks as you might imagine.
      I appreciate your reference to our remarks about responsibility. “Basic concepts that we’ve ignored” indeed. I’m happy to report that most of the people we met at the occupations seemed to grasp this notion, that all of us—not only the 1%—are responsible for the current state of things. Crimes were committed, but most of us feed the systems that are so dangerous to the planet and its inhabitants. The dialogues around these issues were really exciting, and I look forward to meeting up with you soon to chat about all this.

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