7 thoughts on “let the journey begin!”

  1. Way to go, Mark and Zora! I just got back from NY and was so impressed with the occupation peeps – you’ll be a great addition! Have fun, don’t get arrested (or maced!), and fight the good fight for all of us in the bottom 99%!

    1. Yes, the occupation peeps are pretty impressive alright, Melodie. We just started the long trek home yesterday and found it hard to leave such smart folks who are so dedicated to working towards a better world. An inspiration to us all!

  2. Good Luck! I just got back from New York (1st time) and when passing Wall Street it was completely blocked off with lots and lots of police everywhere trying to discourage protests on the actual street. But there was a very interesting little Park down near Ground Zero that seems to be the HUB of all Political Expression. I’m happy that you actually care what’s happening enough to go and try to make a difference!

  3. You are both adorable, and I commend you for putting train tickets where your mouths are. Don’t get arrested!!
    Love to you both and have a safe journey. Standing by to read your next entry…

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