conversation #3—preparation— “how information can be controlled and suppressed in the corridors of power”

(seen above, Lawrence Summers takes a public nap after joining Team Obama)

A message from Conor:

Greetings my fellow concerned citizens,

Wednesday night after our meeting I came home and began reading The HuffingtonPost, I came across a story about a battle brewing between Ron Suskind and the Obama White House. Ron Suskind has written an unflattering book about the inner workings of the Obama administration. It appears the White House is trying to discredit Mr. Suskind and his book, in essence to bury the book. If you research Ron Suskind deeper you’ll find that he wrote a similar critical book about the Bush administration. Again, the “push back” from the Bush White House was similar to that going on now between Mr. Suskind and our present administration.  Mr Suskind is a pullitzer prize winning journalist with an impressive set of creditials. What I found interesting about these articles was how people in power have specific strategies to control, and sometimes undermine, the flow of information.

I thought this might be an interesting topic for our next meeting on Oct. 5th. The topic would be: how information can be controlled and suppressed in the corridors of power. You’ll have to do some homework before. Check out various sites carrying the Ron Suskind story (I think you’ll find it to be a non-partisan tale).  You can check out The Huffington Post and go from there, or just google Ron Suskind…or maybe something along the lines of “how government controls the message”.

I hope you are all enjoying the process, I certainly am and I appreciate your courage and patience as we struggle to find our legs. I’m happy to be on this journey with each and every one of you.

All the best, Conor

Notes and additional resources from Mark:

I believe the Huffington Post story that Conor cites may be found here.

Let’s not forget that it’s not just the politicians who control the message. Check out The Nation magazine’s National Entertainment State chart, which presents a rather mind-blowing picture (from 2006) of the 6 major media companies and everything they own.

Here is a less graphic version of the same chart.

The nonprofit organization Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting is a good resource for gaining more information regarding media control and censorship.

Finally, no list of media criticism would be complete without a nod to Noam Chomsky whose book Manufacturing Consent remains one of the great studies of media control.

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  1. Wow…just read about your talks in the Crier and now have found your website on Facebook. I’ve put the 5th on my calendar. I’m trying to figure out the navigation on this website…just a tad confusing to me but I like the dialog and love the video of Mark and Zora.

    Impressed and intrigued,
    Dawn Papaila

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