conversation #2—preparation—inside job

Join us for a lively conversation about ‘the greatest heist in history’ and what it says about the current condition of our economic and political systems.

NOTE: we will NOT screen the oscar-winning documentary Inside Job at this event. Attendees are encouraged to host their own screening parties beforehand. The movie may be rented locally at Showtime Video or thru Netflix, ITunes, Amazon, and other online services.
Inside Job won the Oscar for Best Documentary this year. It delves into the causes of the current economic crisis and shows the ways in which the banking industry has corrupted our political system to its own ends. It’s exhaustively researched and infuriating—try not to throw your TV through the window!

Why this film? It’s important to understand the causes of the economic crisis, in order to better grasp the context behind the many crises facing us today.

Some questions we might ask:
What is the purpose of government?
Is the so-called “free market” truly free?
What responsibility do we all bear for the state of our economy?

No doubt, you’ll come up with your own questions watching the film. Please bring them along with any notes and ideas you would like to share.

Inside Job’s official website
Huffington Post interview with director Charles Ferguson
Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (97% fresh)